Joe, Carol, Ken and Cindy's Motorcycle vacation. The trip started in Oak Harbor Washington. From Oak Harbor we road to Tillamock Oregon and Stayed the night. We visited the Tillamock Cheese factory. (Lot's of Cheese). The next day we road to Crescent City California were we stayed one night and road around the Red Woods. Awesome! The Trees were huge. Then we left and road to Creator Lake Oregon. What a beautiful ride that was. We stayed in a little town called klamath falls. We were there for two days and road around Creator Lake. "Awesome" scenery a must place to go. We took alot of pictures. From there we road up to Baker City Oregon, (Hell's Cannon) We stayed there for two nights and road up to Hell's Cannon Dam. What a ride that was with all the winding roads leading up to the Dam. After we left there we road to Sprague Washington and stayed at Cindy's Dad and Moms house for one night. Great people and Great food, My hat goes off to Cindy's Dad and Mom for the good people they are. When we left the next day, we road up to Winthrop Washington were we stayed one night. From there we road back to Oak Harbor. What a trip to go on! We hade a GREAT time with Ken and Cindy. Took alot of pictures about 3,000 between the both of us. I would recommend you take a trip like this one on your Motorcycle. "AWESOME" ride.

2009 Motorcycle Vacation 2,270 miles